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Daniel Hutchinson is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Loughborough University who having recently completed a 5year masters course with 2.1 honours is currently working as a Design Engineer for JCB within the Loadall departments new product team.

Daniel is a keen engineer with a good understanding of the core principles of engineering theory, as well as well grounded practical knowledge and experience, which he is able to combine with a passionate drive, to make things happen.

Daniel comes from a family with engineering background, having two uncles in the plastic injection moulding business, who’s father was a mechanical engineer before them. He has an interest in automotive engineering and owns a Westfield kitcar which he maintains and use at trackdays and to compete in club level motorsport events. He also co-owns. is heavily involved in the operation and maintenance of, a steam powered narrowboat and is a founder member of the young working boat society who promote traditional narrowboat techniques to the younger generation.

Other hobbies include mountain biking, dingy sailing, and amateur photography.

Please click here to download a copy of my CV.


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Emilyanne.co.uk A small website about our Narrowboat EMILYANNE

My Flickr Stream Recent photographs from my Flickr photosteam taken around the country by myself.

YWBS The Young Working Boaters Society, a recently formed gruop which I am a founder member of.

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