EmilyAnne - Specifications.

Below are a few key technical specifications of certain aspects of the boat for your easy access, please feel free to ask any further questions.






Lenght overall (LOA)

Lenght at waterline (LWL)



Air Draught

Top Speed

Hull - Base/sides/Cabin



Lesure Battery's

Central Heating

Water capacity

Hot water

No of Berths

Head Room


22 Tons

58.5 Feet

57 Feet

6 Feet 10Inches

2 Feet 8 Inches

Approx 4'6"

5/6 Knots in open water

12 / 5 / 3mm Welded Steel



24 volt, 220Amphour (4*110Ah 12v)

Coal Fired Morso Stove

80 gallons

Gas burner or Twin coil calorifier (wet steam / central heating)

Six as three doubles. Four full length, two at 5'8"

6'6" Feet Though Doorways


Engine / Boiler etc.

Engine Configuration

Working Pressure

Valve Gear

Engine Stroke

Engine Bore High Pressure

Engine Bore Low Pressure

Engine Power (approx)

Boiler Capacity

Theritical Evaporation rate

Boiler Type

Coal Bunker Capacity

Prop Diameter

Prop Pitch


Bow Thruster


Two Cylinder Compound

200 PSI

Stephenson link Reversing, pistonvalve on highpresure, slidevalve on low presure.

4 Inches

4.5 Inches

7.5 Inches

20 IHP

28 Gal

600 lbs/hr

Vertical Fire Tube (VFT)

1.5 Tons Approxamtly

26 Inches

32 Inches


24v 3000watt DC electrical, with a pair dedicated 90Ah battery bank)










Last updated 26/12/06