EmilyAnne - Trip Logs.






2011 (prelim plans)

Feb, tow boat to Northwich ready to crane in engine and boiler

March, Reinstall steam plant after winter work schedule.

April, Test run to ellsemere port for EP easter boat rally.

May, work on steam plant, hopefully enter BCN 24h Challenge.

Possible trip south to Worcester.



Mid May, leave Anderton travelling to Liverpool via canal.

June, Return via Mersey crossing to Elsemere Port and on to Chester.

August, Llangollen canal to sumit, returning via Ellesmere Festival.

November, Week on drydock at Worsley including removal of steam plant.

Winter, Retubing of boiler and Engine overhaul. Boat at Sale.



Early April, Leave Anderton travelling North.

April, Travel on Leeds and Liverpool to Leeds.

May, Onto tidal Trent and up to Chesterfeild canal.

May 23/4/5th, IWA Campaign Rally, Kiverton, Chesterfeild.

June, Leave Chestfeild heading South on Trent. maybe also time on Fossdyke navigation.

July, SBA Trent lock rally, Sour through Loughborough. Possable IWA national in August.

August, Return via Birmingham, Black Country Windmill End meet, and BCLM meet.

Sept, return to northwest for winter via Norbury meet.

Most likely Uplands Marina again by mid Oct all being well.




June July: Anderton, Weaver, and Chester areas.

August: IWA national rally at Autherley.

Early September: Shackerstone family festival.

September: Hudderfield canals to Mirfeild.

October Return via Rochdale canals.

Winter: Uplands Marina, Anderton. (previously Travel Reign)









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