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Repairs and alterations; by Five Towns Boatbuilding.

We have the facilities to undertake the most major work possible on any narrowboat.

*New bottom, in wood or steel.

* Re-footing in steel, and setting in new plate ...where.required.

* New fore-end or counter, and repairs to same.

* New gunnels, decks, and cabins.

* Lengthening boats; new hull section to match ...existing.

* New engine installations; or re-fitting existing after *.major.service.

* New steel cabins to replace wooden or glass ...fibre.

........................................................................................Ex FMC motor IBEX out for blacking and stern gear attention.

New cabins for old!

We have the flexibility to respond to changes made by you, the customer, right up to the stage of ordering materials. We aim to do quality work, and as such, order steel plate in long lengths to avoid joins in cabin sides.


We can re-fit cabins to any stage; going from total demolition, to installing a luxury bathroom ! As with any work done, there is a cost! We will always give you a quotation for work requested. The cost will only go up, if you want more work done; it will also go down if you want less!


GUCC motor boat after major work.

Major work on Historic Boats.

We understand old boats, and thus treat them with respect. As with any old boat, they get a little tired, and will need some major work before long. We aim to retain as much as possible of the original, and only replace that which it is essential to have new. This may well mean cutting out plate below a line of rivets, to keep that original construction detail.

Rebuilding Historic boats.

We can do the following work on Historic boats; Re-bottoming; re-footing; new cabins in timber or steel ; manufacture running gear; stands, planks, cloths, masts etc; engine installations; fitting out back cabins to completion; lengthen boats to original length; de-conversion of cabined historic boats to a working trim specification; painting and signwriting service.

Whatever your needs, contact Roger Fuller for advice if required, and hopefully a quotation! Enjoy looking through the historic boats section of this website.

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